Care of forged products

Forged products, without a doubt, are an adornment of any interior and exterior and serve for decades if they are to be properly looked after. Therefore, it is necessary to know a few rules so that they remain attractive and practical for the longest time.


Street forged products require more attention than those inside the premises. The simplest and most reliable method of protection is powder coating, which is done every two to three years, as well as coating with protective paints, varnishes and primers. Forged iron is not very prone to corrosion, but it is desirable to cover metal almost every five years with protective anticorrosive composition. Mobile joints of the fence, doors, gates, gates are protected from rust, lubricating with water-resistant lubricants, which can be bought at any automobile shop. You also need to lubricate the locks and door hinges.


To preserve the attractiveness of forged products, they must be periodically wiped with a damp sponge. Well-labeled special aerosols and napkins that provide shine. In addition, it is very effective to preserve the appearance of the metal ordinary wax if they rub the forged products. The use of abrasive powders and pastes is strictly contraindicated for the cleaning of articles of artistic forging, as they are aggressive to the metal and leave scratches. It is also worth remembering that forged products that are located near the fire can not be washed with water.


Forged products are often combined with other materials such as glass, plastic, wood or textiles. In this case, other materials also need care. In general, artistic forging products are not demanding, durable, durable and require only periodic cleaning and compliance with the rules of operation. Do not forget to regularly take care of your wrought products, then they will delight you with their exquisite look for a long time!