Care of forged products

Forged products, without a doubt, are an adornment of any interior and exterior and serve for decades if they are to be properly looked after. Therefore, it is necessary to know a few rules so that they remain attractive and practical for the longest time.   Street forged products require more attention than those inside […]


International festival of blacksmiths “Metal Heart of Ukraine” in Rivne

On August 25-26, the Seventh International Metal Blacksmith Festival “Metal Heart of Ukraine” will take place in Rivne on the territory of the Lebedinsky Park. On it smiths from Ukraine and from abroad will show their art. The variety of talents of the participants of the event annually pleasantly impresses all its spectators. The event was launched in order to popularize the information on the oldest national affair – blacksmithing.


Five interesting facts about artistic forging

Fact # 1. The patron saint of blacksmiths in ancient Greece was Hephaestus – the god of fire and blacksmithing. He himself was engaged in forging and created incredible things from iron. The processing of metals came to Greece from the Aegean islands. It was believed that Hephaestus came from the volcanic island of Lemnos, where his smithy smiths were located.